Welcome to a journey 3500-2000 years back in time in Lappi’s Sammallahdenmäki and Kivikylä.

3500-2000 years ago people were living in a time called Bronze Age and, towards the end, in Iron Age. That period is often also called the Early Metal Age because in Finland only few bronze and iron objects have been found from that time, making it arguably unnecessary to separate Bronze Age from Early Iron Age.

These websites are meant to support history teaching in primary schools and they give information about what kind of life people were living in the Early Metal Age. Each page consists of a story which deals with the beliefs, burials, livelihoods and habitation of people living in the Bronze Age. The storytellers are imaginary people whose families lived in the foothills of Kivikylä and who buried their deceased in the cairns of Sammallahdenmäki. The stories are based on research conducted on site in 2002-2004 and literature about Bronze Age.

In addition to the actual pages you can brose the glossary that provides explanations for terms and unfamiliar words used in the text. The glossary is in alphabetical order. In the end of each page there is also a link to exercise pages. You can also familiarise yourself with the literature and other websites about Early Metal Age listed in the reference list.

Drawings: Maria Tuomialho, Pictures: Ulla Antola, Text: Päivi Hakanpää

Bronze Age in Sammallahdenmäki has been implemented as a part of a development project of Sammallahdenmäki World Heritage Site which has received EU-funding.